Thursday, December 29, 2005

Bring on 2006

As 2005 nears its end. Ive started to think back over the year and see what i accomplished. Did i keep any new year resolutions. (Ehm no). Did i grow more as a person. Definitely.... Could i have accomplished a lot more this year. Hell Yeah!!!!!!!

I know this sounds like consultant speak but i think i need to develop a plan for next year. A workplan to be precise. Need to put pen to paper and define clearly what my goals for 2006 are. Thats gonna require some serious soul searching but i think its important. I would love to be here this time next year ticking all the tasks i have completed and seeing that ive made progress.

But what if i failed to complete most of the goals i set for myself. Now that would be sad. Depressing even. But hey, at least i get to find out all the things about myself that i have to work harder on.

So as 2005 draws to a close. Just would like to wish everyone a fantastic year ahead. I should be great year both in our own respective lives and collectively as a nation. Bring on 2006.


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