Thursday, December 22, 2005

Want I want for XMAS

Now, unfortunately i will not be getting any serious presents this year. As in proper presents. So i have come up with an ingenious idea. I will make a list of all i want for xmas and hopefully some1 will be in a generous mood and get me one of them. So here we go.......

1) A pair of Converse Chuck Taylors
2) Nice pair of black shoes. Not suede pls
3) A bluetooth USB connector
4) A bottle of JD
5) A bottle of Johnny Walker
6) A crate of Guiness Extra Smooth (am not an alcoholic)
7) A nice new mafia-like suit. Preferably pink stripes
8) A DVD player
9) A new hand luggage
10) A nice flat in Ikoyi...... :)

Anyone who can get any of this stuff for me, gets a friend for life!!!!


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