Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Patience is a Virtue

Patience seems like such a simple thing. Just be calm. Dont let things get to you. Just take it easy. But damnnnnn its difficult being patient. Patient with people, patient with life, progress etc. But it is something we all need. Well i need. Need to learn how to take a chill pill and just chill. Dont let things get to you. But damn its hard. Its not like i need an anger management course, but does anyone have ideas? How does one become patient? Is it something you learn? Or are you just born with it? Anyway i suppose i need to be patient for a response. This will prob be a good start....


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Virtuous said...

As a man of many virtues I have a lot of patience, I have realised that patience is not particularly a virtue that is in your own best interests. It is in the interests of others to have a patient person to deal with, as it allows sufficient time for things to be done and work to be created comfortably without any stress and discomfort.
but that is not necessarily a good thing for you.

I think that patience should be replaced with "calm persistence". It seems a much better way of dealing with things rather than waiting for it to happen but to keep on persisting without getting offended or angry or hot tempered.