Thursday, December 01, 2005

Ijebu!!!! Me???

Hmm. Moment of reflection. Ive always tot i was prudent with money but Ijebu. Neva. But since ive been accused of that recently, i have had to pause for thought and analyse my spending patterns. Today at lunch, the canteen sold a bottle of freshly squeezed orange juice for N300. Now i dont know about you, but for some cheap ass oranges squeezed into a used bottle of water (i hope they washed it beforehand otherwise you will be buying a lot more than orange juice) i was like get real.

But if the truth be told. I reckon i am a bit of an Ijebu. If the thing is 5 bucks and is not worth 5 buckds then 4 get it. Am not touching it at all. But why do people yap Ijebu people anyway. I know a lot of them that are not tight.

But theres nutn wrong with being prudent. I mean i cant be a spend thrift. As long as i dont hoard money i believe am ok. Anyway my conscience is clear......

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