Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The Fear of Flying

The events of the last 2 months in the aviation industry has brought the fragility of life to the fore. Having flown Bellview and Sosoliso, it just shows how one narrowly flirts with danger in everyday life. Am not the most spriritual of people but you just have to thank God for everyday we live on this earth.

To believe that some businessmen put money before people's lives is sickening to say the least.... I recently read an article by a Capt Tito on the aviation industry and to be honest i wish i didnt read it. It is a simple case of "The Truth. You cant handle the Truth". We have all been flying on a prayer. On the grace of God.... Its a miracle we havent had more crashes. So many innocent lives. So much anger. So much pain. So much sadness.

All we can do is continually live in God's grace or is it fly by God's grace. We should have scrapped the bottom of the barrel by now. Is it really possible how things to get worse? How?

Well its strictly Virgin Nigeria and Aero Contractors from now on. Or else I WILL WALK. I no it does not mean anything and crashes cant be predicted but hey. God helps those who help themselves..........(Thats not in the Bible by the way).

Anyway, my next encounter on a plane is this weekend. It should go ok. I will be lying if i said i am not scared but something at the back of my mind says i will be fine. It will be fine!!!!!

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