Friday, January 13, 2006

Thou Shalt Not Drink?

Now this is prob a controversial topic but i think its a fair one. Can you become closer to God and still consume copious of alcohol on a weekly basis? Simple answer NO!!!. It ain't gonna happen. Okay fair enough.

What about if you drank a moderate amount of alcohol a week. Lets say 7 bottles of Star a week. But this brings up a dilemnna. What constitutes a moderate amount of alcohol? If i drank a bottle a day. Suppose that wont be a problem. But what if i drank the whole 7 on a Friday night. Now that definitely is not moderate.

So we have a bigger problem than i initially thought. Obviously, everyone has their own alcohol tolerance limit, so a one-fits-all approach doesnt work. Also there are different types of alcohol that you can consume e.g. beer, wine, spirits etc. So how do you come up with a benchmark as to what is a moderate amount. Hmmm interesting.

I can already hear what many people will be thinking. Well just stop drinking alcohol. Easy as ABC. But i will tell them one thing. If you tried to stop drinking all types of soft drinks and juices and confined yourself to drinking water only, you wouldn't even last a week. Yes they are different but the principles are the same. OLD HABITS DIE HARD.

But back to the original question. Do you have to give up alcohol before you can get closer to God. To be honest i dont know. I do know that rolling around in a druken stupour is definitely not going to help your relationship with the Most High ( i dont do that by the way). But is it that black and white? No Drink or No God?

I dont think so. I am being careful not to blaspheme but i dont think its that clear cut. Yes abstinence is the best answer and it would be wonderful to have such will power but i dont believe that the occasional moderate drink is entirely evil. Its about keeping the drink moderate and occasional.

This is a topic i still need to think about a lot more. As the halo effect of the New Year still surrounds me, it will be nice to get closure on some issues such as this.

Definitely to be continued at a later date..........

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Da babe said...

Its been nice reading your blog, and very thought provoking indeed...
You know personally i dont believe in drinking (i dont have a problem with an occassion glass of wine though).I think this is a matter that can only be settled between you and God which brings you back to the question of getting closer to him. Am glad you realise we cannot do it in our own strength he alone can help us.
My only advice is feed your spirit by reading (and meditating) the bible daily and listening to those nice christian music i gave you once, I hope you havent deleted them??? (Just kidding). Am sure the Lord will speak to you cuz the bible says when we call on him he will answer us. The Christian walk is a walk of faith.
Guess we can discuss this more offline