Monday, January 16, 2006

Fergie, Thank U and Goodbye

Ok. Ive have had it. As a Man U fan i feel weve hit a brick wall. Alex Fergusson you have been great. Won us the Champions League. Wonderful (One of the best days of my life even). Celebrated numerous premiership titles and FA Cups. Fantastic. But every dog has its day and times up Fergie. You just aint the ferocious rottweiler you used to be. Even Darren Fletcher aint scared of you anymore.

I just hope Fergie goes out in a dignified manner. Jump before he is pushed. Resign before he is fired. Takes a hint before they take it out on him. Cos the Glazers aint sentimental folk. They will chuck you out like last week's moulding pizza guaranteed to leave a bad taste in the mouth.

Come on Fergie. Leave me with my happy memories. Dont cloud them with nightmares of Man City and Burton Albion with Jose Mourinho dancing in the background. Admit it you just aint the manager you used be.

Am sure deep down Fergie knows but keeps thinking he can turn it around. Dont think you can mate. Just do us a favour: Stop buying anymore players, Save the extra cash for the next manager (hopefully Gus Hiddink), buy yourself a nice house in the Bahamas, even Abuja is quite nice, put your feet up and chill. Cos mate this management thing aint really going anywhere anymore.

Sir Alex. Thanks for everything over the years. Youve been great and i wish you the best in all you do but pls be a nice old man and go gracefully. Thank you Sir

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