Monday, November 19, 2007

Super Mario Christians

I was doing some reflection over the weekend and strangely found a link between the Nintendo game "Super Mario Bros" and christianity. Please dont laugh :)

Ok here i go. The thing about Super Mario was that the game had many levels. At the end of each level, after you have fended off the routine baddies and escaped the different traps, there was an evil boss. To move up to the next level you had to defeat the evil boss for that level. Your ability to move up levels and finish the game requires not just your skillfulness but also perseverance when you seem stuck on one level to keep on playing the game and not give up.

You also get items that help you win the game e.g. the star that makes you invisible or the mushroom that makes you bigger. Ok, so where am i going with this. The Christian walk is exactly similar. The word of God and prayer are our "stars" and "mushrooms" which we use to navigate the storms of life. To reach the higher levels of God's plans for our lives will require us utilising this power to conquer the bigger challenges and trials that come will our way.

Men this is so fluffy even by my standards but hopefully gets the point across.

Take care peeps

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