Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Death to Self

A few friends of mine have given me some feedback which i really appreciate. While i would like to think of myself as being very focussed there is also a huge tendency to be self-orientated. Always thinking of one's self, one's career, one's goals and relegating everyone and everything else to the background. After reflecting on this, i believe this is an area i need to work on. The world is a lot bigger than "Garageboy" and doesnt revolve around me. There a few "self areas" i need to deal with including:

Strangely enough i don't need self-control, i need God control. The whole idea of me relying on my willpower to master my emotions and fight temptations is exactly the reason why i fail repeatedly. I need to surrender all my efforts to God and let him come into my life and take control.

I need not only to help others when they come to meet me but instead be proactive and help people who are in need. I shouldnt get so preoccupied with my own goals that i dont have time for other people. Need to be more disposed to actively helping other people achieve their own goals as well.

Self -centered
In my quest to attain my goals i should not loose sight of the bigger picture of life. Its not all about me and my scary goal-oriented behaviour. There are actually other people on this planet apart from me and maybe i should spend more time trying to meet them. :)

Well i suppose i just need to keep working on myself and carry a "Help Available if needed" sign on my back to get the message across :)

Anyhow peeps easy!!!!!!!!!!!

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