Thursday, January 04, 2007

Core Values

Phew!!!! So its 2007. Well to be honest i dont know whats going to be. And i have no particular milestones in mind for this year. Just to develop more professionally and personally. After all my indulgences of the xmas period, its good to chill, detox, wipe the slate clean and start all over again.

In consulting we are all preoccupied by "core values". This are the principles that should govern ones professional life to reflect the organisation's culture. My goal for this year is to be less like me and to embody more of the xtian core values i.e. the fruits of the spirit. DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its gonna be hard. Just a quick recap on the stuff i need to do:

LOVE: I need to be a more loving person and more willing to go the extra mile for people. I particularly need to express it more externally and stuff. I also need to be more open to being hurt by people and not feel taken advantage of when they hurt me.

Joy & Peace . I need to deal with my mood swings and be more cheerful all year round

Patience I dont need to explain this. If you know me am sure u will understand

Kindness Tied in with the love point earlier. There def is room for improvement

Goodness I need to cut down on my lapses and backsliding. Enough said

Faithfulness Ive been yarning about depending on God for ages. Need to work on it

gentleness I think am ok here really. :)

self-control Men this is too deep for discusion on this blog. Anger management comes to mind amongst other things. Maybe later on.

I was going to do the same analysis for the stuff not of the spirit that i should do less of but that would be too much info for public consumption. :) But hey just wanted to wish everyone a fantastic new yr.

Easy people.....

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