Friday, January 05, 2007

You are how u Drive.

The Japanese judge the personalities of prospective business partners by how they play a round of golf to guage their integrity and temperament. We are constantly told "we are what we eat" or is it how we eat. Its arguable that a greedy dispostion causes gluttony and a miserly one causes you to eat as little as possible. Arguable i know. But ive stumbled on a different one. You are how u drive. The manner which one drives esp in Lagos, in my humble opinion, is a reflection of ones personality. Am trying very hard not to sound moralistic. It shows:

Response to Pressure and Challenges. This shows our willingness to take shortcuts to where we want to go. Everyone has different tolerance levels to traffic. Some once they spot traffic, break the laws immediately turn into the incoming lane or take the one-way road round the corner. Others stay in traffic for a varied period of time before succumbing to the temptation and following the other guy. Some just stick it out till the end. As i said, i dont want to sound moralistic but can u say that this might be a microcosm of how we deal with problems we encounter in life? Just a tot.

Respect for Laws:
Can you claim to be an advocate of law and order if you doing 140km per hr, against traffic on 3rd Mainland Bridge at 9pm at night. Dont laugh. Ive seen this happen. This is just craziness. If u want to put your life at risk thats ur problem. But dont bring innocent people down with you. If i was LASTMA, when i catch such people, i will tell them to get out of the car. Lift their vehicle with a crane and toss it over the bridge into the Atlantic Ocean. Unfortunatley some people only respond to force.

Respect for other people
Is it possible to bash other people's car in traffic to get into their lane or to enter the queue to buy petrol during fuel scarcity. Speed up so u wont let them turn into the road or lane. Stop your car in the middle of the road to answer a phone call and still be a "Nice guy" once you get of your car. Hmmm!!!

Self Esteem
Someone once said you never really know anyone until they are in a position of power.I can safely say that apart from being on drugs, drivers of danfos,tankers, molues and staff buses have serious underlying issues. Once in a position of some sort of power against others because of the size of their vehicles, they take it upon themselves to bully everyone else off the road.
But this is not just limited to these guys. How many times have you ever had a jeep behind you trying to pratically push you off the road to show you whose boss. Or witnessed someone start chasing a car that just overtook them.

Well, as my blog states, these are just my tots. Beeng trying to write about this for a while but hey i finally did. This is 2007. The Year of "No Procrastination". :)


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