Tuesday, August 28, 2007

We will never deserve it

"All our righteousness is like filthy rags"

Ive come to the realisation that God doesn't bless us because we deserve it. God's decision to bless us is based on His love for us and our faith in Him. The notion that God's decision to bless us being a sum total of points we accumulated by being good is untrue. We do not and never will merit God's blessing by our works. Our righteousness has been described as "filty rags". God's favour on our lives is living proof of our relationship with Him. If we walk with God, we should expect to be blessed. His favour will follow us. So the most important thing is to seek God. To be in close fellowship with Him.

Does that mean we can do whatever we want and still be blessed? NO!!!!!!!! But when you are in a close relationship with God, you really want to obey Him. You long after Him and want to keep His commandments. You don't want to let Him down.

I suppose its all about having your heart in the right place.

Ok peeps. Have a great week.

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bighead said...

can't agree with you more. A lot of Christians have equated blessing-receiving with offering-giving and thus end up with disappointment and doubt. Its high time people stopped viewing God as a blessing tap.