Friday, May 25, 2007

No Accidents

God does not make mistakes. He does not do accidents. But he allows things to happen to us for a reason. When situations arise, in the heat of the moment, we seem to forget to ask God what he is trying to tell us.

In order to see what God is trying to tell us in any situation involves us not only spending time with Him but also stepping out of the situation so we can look at it from a vantage point. From both a spiritual and objective point.

But while waiting for God to reveal his purpose in our life, he gives us peace to bear the situation. I long for God's peace to calm the storms. I rest on his promise to take care of me. I know he only wants the best for me and will always give me a point of escape.

Help me father to see your will. To see what you are seeing in my circumstances. Thank you Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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