Thursday, March 01, 2007

I Don't Want a Miracle

Last night, the visiting pastor said something that hit home. You should't ask for a miracle, you should ask to be a blessing. That is deep. Asking for miracles is like living from hand to mouth. But to ask to be a blessing is to operate at a higher level. He gave the illustration of 2 people. 1 that has 5 cars and the other has none. If the guy with 5 cars, gives the other guy a car for free, the other guy receives a miracle. But the other guy is in a position to be used to bless people.

This is a serious paradigm shift. It requires looking at the bigger picture. Believe God for everything. Not to focus on current needs alone. Ive had issues asking God for mundane things. I feel as if am using him or cheapening his love for me. I feel better just asking Him to be with me. To never leave me. To have his grace cover me. To guide and protect me. To forgive me of the sins which i wilfully commit. To help me to have faith in him. But now i can ask for another one. To be a blessing to people not for my own benefit but for his.

I need to learn to be a more compassionate person. I mentioned "love" and "kindness" as some of the core values i need to improve upon this year. In order for me to be a blessing to others i need to let go and open up. But thats what i want to be Lord. A blessing.

Just a quick aside. Before i attended House on the Rock, i just believed what everyone said about it. A church filled with scantily clad ladies and people thinking they are in a disco. What i have discovered is something completely different. The Word that comes from that pulpit has changed my life. I love that church and even though i grumble about a few things now and again, those things are minor. If anything i would invite anyone who hasnt been to come to a Sunday service preferably 2nd service at 9:15pm at the Muson Centre, Onikan.

Its a great place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Easy people

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