Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Losing Battles. Winning the War

My last post ended on a bit of a pessimistic note. I think it just encapsulated my mood at the time. On sober reflection I found out that am not in battle with my human nature but at war with it. Whats the difference? A war is a sum of battles. We might lose a few battles, maybe even many, but that does not mean we have lost the war. We only lose the war when we give up. We win the war when we finally leave this earth with our relationship with God in tact.

But you cant win the war by losing every battle. But that raises questions. Is there such a thing as an optimum number of battles you can lose? I dunno. I beleive this is different for everyone. It seems everytime i get stumped on a question or an issue an answer keeps on coming up. Keep close to God. Dont mess about with your relationship with him. "The battles is mine says the Lord". I need to beleive the end already. That the result of the fight has been settled. I have already won. Just have to put the result i can see on paper into practice in real-life. Easier said than done right?

Anyhow peeps. Easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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