Wednesday, September 27, 2006


This last few weeks have not been good. I used the word "moonwalking" but infact i really meant backsliding. I had a few bottles of wine over the last few weeks. This now seems to be the drink of choice after successfully fending off Star and JD. Apart of me is happy that this burden ive been carrying is over. The whole abstinence thing placed a lot of pressure on me. While am not going to indulge in copious amounts of alcohol anymore, I think ive resolved this issue. What is the resolution. I aint tellin. :)

But this last few weeks has been characterised by not reading my bible, i didnt even go to church on Sunday. What brought this on. I dont know. I cannot track down what led to this debacle. I suppose thats the whole idea. U skip praying for an one night before you do to bed, then reading ur bible for a day, and slowly but surely uve wandered out of your close relationship with God without even knowing it.

Ive been trying to get back over the last few days but its difficult once you lost the rhythm. I cant help feeling am using up all my mercy points with God considerng all he has done in my life. But thank God he is not a man and this is not how he operates. I need to learn how to discipline myself. Its been tough. Very tough..... I know i shouldnt give up...... Ah well. Enough talking. Just PERFORM!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Take care peeps

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