Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Traffic of Life

Lagos during rush hour must be one of the last places any human being in their right mind would want to be. But as i was coming into work a few weeks ago i began to think it was the perfect microcosm of life. Chaotic. Confusion. Just a fitting description of life.

In traffic there are different lanes. Slow lane, fast lane, etc. Some people stay in their lanes peacefully, while some forcebly push themselves into other lanes thinking it will get them to their locations faster. Sometimes the slow lane becomes fast, sometimes the fast lane slow. But you know the funny thing, accident permiting, you always end up where you want to go. Might not be the time you wanted to get there. But you still get there.

Thats the story about life. People will always tell you which lane to take. When to change lanes etc. It could be based on their experience. It may be based on conventional wisdom but that doesnt mean "diddly squat". Every lane you decide to enter bears a risk and at the end of the day it is at best an educated guess.

Nobody, execpt God, knows the fastest way to get to the end in one piece. I spose thats y i need to reestablish my connection with him asap. He has the map, the traffic report. I really need to sort out my spiritual life sharpish. The TRAFFIC OF LIFE and i dont want to be stuck on Third Mainland Bridge all day.

But you know the most important thing about traffic. Its patience. Cos its out of your power and you cant fly over all the other cars.

Anyhow i hope am sort of coherent cos am not sure am making sense myself :). Easy

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