Friday, September 08, 2006

Falling Up!!!

One of the things that i am constantly reminded about is the weakness of my flesh and the fragility of my will power. Carrying the burden of not wanting to dissappoint God and incur his wrath by disobeying him is a heavy burden to carry. And the guilt when we fall is immense. You are so ashamed u have fallen that like Adam you try and hide from God (even though He always knows where you are). Ive been constantly told that falling is a fact of the xtian experience and something that i would have to deal with but its hard especially if you are not used to failure in other parts of your life.

Slowly but surely i am coming to the realisation that am not falling down but falling UP.We should not view our failures as bringing us down in God's eyes, but instead increasing our standing as he sees us maturing into what he has called us to be. Its weird, but as one person once put it, we have to fail our way to success. The most important thing: HAVING YOUR HEART IN THE RIGHT PLACE AND DILLIGENTLY SEEKING HIM. Thats all he asks of us. There is no five year plan to attain spiritual maturity, there are no milestones/deadlines to meet or surpass, no heavy burden of expectations. Just to dilligently seek him.

As we navigate through this crazy life, i pray that we all FUMBLE OUR WAY TO SPIRITUAL MATURITY.

Laters Guys..

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tolted said...

Hi GarageBoy, here are some words of encouragement for you.
Prov 24.16a -"For a righteous man falls seven times and rises again"
The Lord is our strength. Keep up the faith! :)