Thursday, August 24, 2006

Shhhh!!!! Am a Xtain. Keep it quiet!!!!

Ive been finding myself saying this a lot ever since i began on this transformation journey. Its like a disclaimer in case i goof and look like a hypocrite. If the truth be told this is pay back for my earlier days when i used to yap "holier than thous" who will preach to you all day and make u feel condemned and the next minute doing things you wouldnt expect of a xtian. So now that ive crossed to the other side i dont want to turn into "them" especially when i know my frailties.

But is there any such thing as a holy pure xtian. Simple answer i dont know. In any case i assume it will be quite rare. This flesh we carry about is not helping matters. Now am not talking about outward holiness. That can be faked easily.. I mean what goes on in your head. How you are when the "holy police" are not around.

To be honest this might sound strange but it is not exactly cool to be a xtain. A few weeks back i went to a party and drinks were flowing. Someguy offered me a bottle of Star and i said no. Asked if i drink and i said no. I felt like such an odd ball. Like i was some sort of geek. I wont lie to you. I almost cracked there. I miss drinking i no go lie.

Anyway back to the matter at hand. I prob should not be shy to say am a xtain without a caveat. Not be ashamed to say i read my bible everyday without looking like a freak. If i do things, or say things not xtian like then hey, i aint perfect just "work-in-progress.

Thats all folks easy!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I don’t agree with this. Bible says flee temptation, but it does encourage us to deal with challenges that face us daily

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with drinking unless your under age? Jesus drink too. Alcohol is not bad, just what you do after. That is where you have to watch what happens some times. If you can handle it there is nothing wrong with it. People get to hung up on not living life and just thinking every second has to be all Godly. God wants us to enjoy life and live it to the fullest. That don't mean go sin. Just do what makes life enjoyable for you too. Think on it! :)