Wednesday, July 12, 2006

O Blogger, Where art Thou?

Well well well. What can i say. Ive missed my blog. Two months. Thats quite shocking really. But am back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

So much has happened over the last few months. Ive had a brush (literally ask my car) with armed robbers. I suppose that completes it. Am a Lagosian now. Once youve had your car bashed, issues with corrupt police men, had to push your car with a stranger to get it to restart on your way to work, then a chanced meeting with armed robbers that really completes the Lagos experience. Well not really. To make it really complete you have to include LASTMA and area boys. Thankfully that hasnt happened. And never will ;)

So what about my xtian life. Have i made any progress since my last deep post? Well, simple answer, no. I believe theres a link between my slacking in my spiritual life to all the crap thats been happening. Thank God for grace that all potentially disastrous events all had the best possible outcome.

I used to think maybe i was being punished for my slacking and i should just live up to the consequences of my in/actions . Maybe this is true. But am grateful to have a God who does not punish me as i deserve. Ive taken it on the chin and am getting my focus back to stop playing with my covering.

But it is really hard finding quality time to spend with God when you are always working and always tired. Its weird that i can watch tv when i am knackered, but whenever i try picking up my bible, i start snoring. Some days, when i have spare time, i find it easy reading everything else but just not my bible. I just cant explain it. But am trying really hard to focus on the most important thing in my life. My relationship with the Most High!!!!! Its still as hard as it has ever been. Like the Israelites i keep on longing for Egypt even though i sense am near the promised land. I need God's grace more than anything now.

Considering the alcohol thing, some progress. Ive stopped drinking beer for a few months and now i have to tighten my belt to stop my trousers falling off :). But there is still a sticky point. Is it wrong to have a glass of wine? Well this is quite tricky. If i just substitute drinking beer for wine, then who am i kidding. I might as well shack the Star as well. It really feels weird not having a drink. Its actually quite tough and i have still do deal with serious cravings. Especially after a bad day. But there is something liberating from not drinking. I still hang out with friends at bars but they dont force me to have a drink which is very helpful. So am not totally square.

Anyway back to the real issue. The Moral of the story simply is Stay close to God!!!!! Especially when it is difficult . No matter how far you stray he is always ready to guide you back home.

Anyhow folks. Nice to be liberated again. Hope it wont be 2 months till my next post.



Chasis said...

Hey Garage boy,

I didn't know you had a blog - interesting :)

I'm really surprised at your religious zeal because it doesn't show. Then again I don't know you very well.

I know how hard it is because I also work very long hours (although it's not completely motivated by the work itself). I have gone through periods in my life where i'm really into the religious thing, and then i fall out. And yes, reading my Qur'an at night gets long, especially cos it's a difficult book and i'm just plain knackered.

The honest truth is to just not stop trying. One day, it will happen and just fall into place. Whether or not it's an on and off thing, it will just click one day.

Do you pray as well? As a muslim i'm expected to do 5 times - yeah right. I think i only just started praing to God in Uni and I can barely do it daily.

Religion requires so much from you and if you're not used to that, it's a rough transition. Moral of the story is keep trying and one day, it stops being effort and starts being.

Dakkarnorre said...

Hey Garage Boy, I cant belive i was rushing to see your latest blog, like it was the latest blockbuster by Spike lee. Talk about Joblessnes...LOL.

Anyway dude like i say your blogs are cool, and with regards to this recent post most especially i fully and totally understand how u feel, Like the 'word' says it not by Power or by Might but by my spirit. Saith the Lord

The last writer is right u just have to be determined to follow up and you can be rest assured it will follow through. Try and not make excusses when u dont do it but also ask God to help u men.

I know i do every 30 mins...

And God is a Very God God.

Keep It Up men

Stay blessed men

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