Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Dependency on God

The one thing i have noticed for a while now is that it is both easy and difficult to depend on God. What does that mean? Exactly what i said. Theres a tendency, i suppose human tendnecy, that we seperate our challenges into two. Those that we can handle overselves e.g. routine work, daily challenges etc. Then we also have things that we beleive are out of hands that we need God for e.g. life partner, career aspirations etc..... For the latter it seems easy to depend on God for them because they are huge... But for the former its much harder..

I dont know about you, but i struggle with this. I suppose its ego related. To depend totally on God requires a lot of humility. You just need to cut yourself down and acknowledge that without God you are nothing and you need him for everything you do in life. Now thats tough. To beleive that every success you ever achieve is not solely because of your actions or intelligence and you might not be as great as you think you are can be difficult. But that daily dependence on God puts that ego in check. It stops you thinking more highly of yourself than u ought and helps you relate better with others.

This is an area that will need to be reflected on deeply and "requires improvement".

Anyway, enough about that.. See yall around..

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