Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Customer is always WRONG

Now in Nigeria am sure we are used to the way things are always the reverse of how they are in more developed well run countries. The title of this post seems silly, but am starting to believe thats exactly what many Nigerians in the service industry think.

In the space a few hours, a few weekends ago, i was subjected to the "Lets frustrate the customer" attitude of my fellow Nigerians. A lady in a shop said a friend and i were not "bouyant" enough to shop at her store, which i thought was a very nice way to get customers. I suppose the whole idea was to get us to prove her wrong and buy something. Youve got no chance there love.

Another lady at a restaurant was not that bad but was "robotic" in her attitude. There was a deal for a meal and a drink for N800. I said i wanted a bottle of water and she told me i could only have either coke, fanta and sprite. And i was like, water is cheaper than coke so it benefits you and benefits my health as well. But i think she had issues which logic so she wouldnt come round. After arguing with her for about 5 minutes, i asked to talk to her manager. But alas, they attended the same customer service school and he didnt see anything wrong in her flawed arguement. As i was very hungry i decided to have the coke and behave myself. A while back i would have argued with the manager for another 10 mins but i couldnt be arsed. The chicken was nice so hey all is forgiven. I must just make sure i sneak in my bottle of water next time. :)

And talking about sneaking drinks in, a bottle of Coke in Silverbird is now N300. Thats about $2 for a 50cl bottle of Coca-cola. Now there a lot things i would rather do than succumb to the love of margins by certain organisations. But guess what people still pay for it. AAAAAAAArrrrrrrrrggggggggHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! . Thats why they keep on ripping us off. We willingly let them. As for me, unless that bottle of coke is made of gold, i aint interested.

Anyway, back to customer service. Why do Nigerians find it difficult to serve people. This goes all the way to the higest echelons of power in this nation. Everyone wants to be the Oga and feels serving people is beneaath them. We are we so full of ourselves, what do we have to be proud out?

Its all about humility... It never goes amiss. Anyhow, till it changes, i will continue to be confront rudeness and foolishness wherever i encounter it.


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