Sunday, March 05, 2006

Clay in the Potter's Hands

Today's sermon focused on us being clay in God's hands as he moulds us and shapes us into the person he called us to be. The one thing that struck me about the sermon was that it is a continuous process. Its not like after a few weeks, months or years we become the finished article, all perfect, holy and pure. Its a process that occurs daily in our lives and involves refining our rough edges or starting all over again for the 100th time.

This is one of the most important things to grasp. The magnitude of God's grace is so huge that its impossible to quantify especially as a human being. If someone messes you up a few times you cut them off. Period. No questions asked. So it's hard to understand why someone else can tolerate the multitude of times we screw up (even in a week) and not immediately punish us. To be honest, i cannot fathom the depth and breadth of that kind of love and can only be grateful its there.

I always feel weird when i post a spiritual topic. I dunno why. I suppose it kinds of puts pressure on me to act and behave in a certain way so as not to look like a hypocrite. But hey i aint gonna lie. I aint righteous, i aint holy and i aint perfect. But i would like to be all these things and i intend to strive towards this. Its a very long journey full up high mountains and deep valleys. I might stray from the path once in a while but guess what, He is nearby to put me back on track.

Anyhow, enough deep talk for now.


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Eduge said...

Nice to read these. Interesting to see you have been doing some serious reflection. Like you rightly said it is a long journey and its not a day's journey but the good thing He is with us all the way