Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cry Freedom.

Freedom is a concept mostly associated with captivity in a physical location like a jail, prison or some remote location in the Niger Delta. But what about the other intangible prisons we live in. Prisons where our physical movements are not restricted but our spiritual development is. Prisons of guilt. Prisons of bad habits. Prisons of negative thoughts.

I have thought for many times that ive been freed from these cells. But time after time, i see myself walk back into them and voluntarily put on my shackles again. Why? I dont know. Is it that am so used to the prison that am scared of the outside world? Am i unsure of what my new life could be? What this new exciting world could offer me? Can the love of the familiar really be that strong?

While i still seek the answers to these questions, am comforted by the fact that despite my actions i am indeed free. My stay in the spiritual jail house is solely at my discretion. I can walk in and out as i please. Am not being held against my will. I DECIDE WHEN TO GO IN AND WHEN TO GET OUT.

No matter what happens, the fact is Jesus has paid the ultimate price for my freedom. I might stumble and fall. Make mistakes. Backslide. Fill my head with nonsense. But the fact still remains. I am free indeed. Am too strong for the shackles to keep me down. It really is the time to cry FREEEEEEEEDOOOOOOMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take care peeps.

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