Sunday, March 15, 2009

Guilt and Grace

I recently read a book by Derek Prince on "Spiritual Warfare" and it mentioned something i found particularly interesting. Amongst other things, it spoke of how guilt is the weapon of choice for the devil to frustrate our walk with God. I have personal experience of how guilt makes you feel unworthy to come into God's presence. But this is quite funny because if you think of it, can we ever be worthy to come into God's presence? Only for the grace of God can we ever approach the Lord no matter how sinful or sinless we believe we are.

I personally believe that the grace of God is the greatest gift God has ever given us. Greater than houses, spouses, cars, jobs, cash. All that is worthless when you compare it to the power of forgiven sin. To be honest, all i want to do is walk in the grace of God. Its freely available for all of us to reach for. Being cleansed of sin is such an uplifting experience. We should never let our failings and failures get us down. We should not let the devil still have a hold on us after he successfully tricks us. When those feelings of guilt surface, we should look at him and say "YOU MIGHT HAVE WON THAT LAST ROUND. BUT THIS FIGHT IS NOW OFFICIALLY OVER. I HAVE ASKED FOR FORGIVENESS. IT HAS BEEN GIVEN TO ME. GOD'S GRACE HAS WASHED AWAY MY SIN. I WIN. GET LOST!!!!!!!!"

The battle is the Lord's. With God's grace on our side all we have to do is stay in the fight and he will take care of the rest. So the next time you feel guilt just remember "GRACE".

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