Sunday, July 20, 2008

Its all in my head

A few weeks back, i heard the Nelly song "over and over" and the lyric "its all in my head" sort of captured my state of mind. Over the last few weeks i have been engaged in what Joyce Meyer appropriately called the "Battlefield of the Mind". Ive been bombarded with and entertained negative thoughts. Ive let the devil get into my head and pollute it. Ive let him overwhelm me with his lies. Ive let him doubt my future and God's promises. I have fallen for his tricks and felt unworthy in God's presence. As i type these words now, am in the process of coming out of another of those spiritual lows that seem to last forever. Where you know God is with you, wanting the prodigal son back but for some strange reason cant seem to reach Him.

Father am here and ready to reach you again. Please take me back and lets continue from where we left off.

Easy peeps.

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