Sunday, June 08, 2008

Searching for the Light

When "the dark side" takes over. When one seems to be stuck in some sort of rut. When there seems to be no escape no matter how much you crave for it or look for it. When you are confronted with the fragility and weakness of your own humanity. When you seem lost and empty and you dont know why? When you feel overwhelmed by the worlds problems? What do you do when the world seems like its caving around you? In the midst of the darkness, am searching for the torch light. But when i find it why do i want to turn it off again? Why do i want to stay in the dark even though i dont like it? Why am i fighting with the torch? Why cant i reach it and live it on?

Father i cant do this by myself. Please help me put on the light but more importantly, please help me leave it on. Shine your light into my darkness father and make me whole again.


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Jarrai said...

Powerful words...very emotional. We as human beings are very fragile but our strength is astounding too. We are made in the image of the lord and he always finds and saves us in the face of adversity....

You are cannot do it alone. But believe that he is there and he will be there

This is my firt time here...really nice blog..will def be back