Monday, December 03, 2007

The Experience to Me

The Experience 2007 was another awesome night. I just wished it went on for days on end. I can’t believe I have to wait another year for my next fix. Apart from the praise and worship side of it, which is just a surreal, the Experience to me shows why it’s important to dream big dreams. It is a celebration of “no limits” and “possibilities”. It shows that our perception of the boundaries of what is possible is where we individually decide to put them. For two years running we have had an all night gospel concert in the middle of Lagos Island near the xmas period, featuring the world’s leading gospel artists with attendance free. It takes seeing to believe it.

As a nation, it always disappointing when I meet prophets of doom who go on about how this country will forever be messed up. Stress the need to get out. How nothing good can come out of this country etc. Am sure everyone has met their fair share of people like this. While I don’t want to belittle the trials people have experienced in this nation and the scars this nation has inflicted on our souls, having a negative attitude was, is and forever will be pointless!!. The only thing a negative attitude is guaranteed to achieve is to ensure one remains stuck at the same level and is incapable of progress.

I had the opportunity of showing a friend around town over the weekend and it just stuck me how much Lagos has changed. How it is evolving right before our eyes. How the middle class in Nigeria is being awoken again. How we are starting have a small glimpse about the future prosperity this nation is capable of.

“Dream like a fool”

This is a common phrase uttered by both TD Jakes and Pastor Paul. We are the sum of our life experiences both positive and negative. They shape our thinking. They set our boundaries on our expectations of the future and dictate our actions in the present. It is critical to experience God and let Him remove the trauma’s life’s experiences have poured on us. To help us keep believing in our dreams and help us order our steps to achieve them.

“The Experience” shows us what is possible in our lives if we depend on God. If we let Him determine what is possible in our lives, instead of depending on ourselves or what people tell us.

Father, give me the ability to dream not just big dreams but God dreams. Help me Father not to limit you or doubt you but instead to listen intently to what you have in store for me. Help me Lord to remove all the scars of this daily life and refocus myself and goals on what you have told me my life will become. Give me encouragement in the times I am discouraged by current realities that my dreams will never become reality. Order my steps father so I don’t get consumed by what I want to be, but instead what you want me to be.

Alright peeps, I will catch you all later.

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