Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Need for a Routine

Right. Now this might seem obvious. Of course one needs to have a routine to better effectively manage and get the most out of each day. But where does ones life stop being well planned and start getting monotonous? Where does being well organised and efficient start turning into being a boring, inflexible git, stuck in your ways and not willing to change? Is it such a distinct trade-off? Are the gains of this supposed trade-off worth it?

I suppose structure is the foundation to everything in life. Unless you are in the creative industry where structure runs against everything you stand for and impairs your innovative ability. We all need some semblance of structure in our lives. But in order to develop personally.. does that necessarily mean more structure in our lives.. More discipline..... Is there other way to strive for perfection in ones life without that necessarily mean being more "uptight". Variety is supposedly the spice of life. Can there being a structured way to achieve this variety? Isnt that a contradiction in itself?

I touched on how structure impairs ones innovativeness..... If striclty adhered to, a routine can confine your thoughts, options and experiences. It can limit what we get out of life. So i propose a solution. Yes i know little me. But i think it will work. Its a twin approach. Review your high-level plans at regular intervals to see if they are still relevant to whats important to you. Make the necessary adjustments (if any) and proceed ruthlessly to ensure once selected they are implemented. Define a routine to help you achieve this goal and pursue it rigourously.

Well what do i know. I just think this is a good idea. Anyhow gotta go. Laters people.

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