Monday, December 01, 2008

One Wish

If you could ask God for one thing and He guaranteed it would be immediately yours what would you ask for and why?

As i posed this question its only fair i answer it. I wish i was pure. Pure in my thinking, pure in my actions, pure in my desire to please the Lord. I desire to possess a body which is fit for the Holy Spirit to continually dwell in. A body free from sin. If there was one thing i could ask of the Lord, this is it. Purity.

Father i believe purity is also your desire for my life. Please grant me the strength to stay on this road and pull me back if (or is it when) i begin to stray.

Whatever is your "one wish" from the Lord, i pray He grants you your hearts desires in His time which am beginning to understand is always the best.

On a lighter note, as we approach the end of 2008, i wish everyone happy holidays and all the best.


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