Sunday, January 27, 2008

No Retreat. Total Surrender

This is my 100th post on this blog. I cant believe it to be honest. Cant believe ive stuck to it for such a long period of time. There were many times when i literally had to force myself to post something, especially when i wasnt in a particularly good mood. I can only hope God continues to give me the grace to keep posting despite the changing seasons of life.

This is also my 1st post of 2008 and i thought an appropriate source of inspiration for this post will be Jean Claude Van Damme :)(yeah i know, i changed the words of the title). Above all else, this is my theme for 2008. No Retreat. Total Surrender. This theme arises partly as a result of reading "The Purpose Driven Life" by Rick Warren. I've been so consumed with my goals, my aspirations, my needs that i have lost sight of God's purpose for my life. That i was created by God for his own pleasure and not for mine.

This was a deep revelation for me and an area i wish to rectify in my life. To totally surrender all of me to him. All i aspire to be. All i have. All i am. All i want. Going through that book (i recommend it for everyone) helps me point out the steps i need to take to live a purpose driven life. A selfless life centered on God. Not on my self.

But am under no illusions. I am fully aware of the battle for my soul which rages within me. I also understand the world i live in whose ways contradict all the principles to which i hold dear and would not want to compromise. I understand that there will be some heartbreak involved. I will make decisions which might be wrong or people will regard as foolish. I know i will do things that will cause people to doubt the faith to which i claim to follow. But despite this things. No matter what happens. What i wilfully do or not do. Father i do not intend to retreat from you this year but to run to you, lift up both my hands and surrender myself instead.

I intend to live by grace this year. Not solely focusing on asking for forgiveness yet again, but also learning to depend fully on Him and not on my intellect, my abilities or my supposed good actions.

I wish everyone a happy 2008. I have no idea how this year will pan out but i hope it will be a great one for us all.

Take care everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!

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